The frustrating and humbling part at the same time about Timothy is his enormous heart; he wants to do the right thing, when the reader wants him to take the short cut with every other character in the story. But, oh, his inner compass is so precise, and beneficial in the long run!

​Stephen R.

To be trapped in a hole in the jungle would discourage anyone, even cause horrible fear; but to read about how it all turned out with Riley the Giraffe is wonderfully amusing, and such a relief! 

Nicole M.

The Elephant with a Trunk on Its Head

This fiction is Jerry's heart-warming tale of Timothy the elephant's treacherous and triumphant journey to meet Queen Arrik near Lake Chad. Timothy's birth ushers him into the quest of becoming the queen's next escort elephant; however, he has a visible disadvantage-- his trunk is supposed to be on his face, but it is on top of his head. Timothy becomes the target of bullying. Will he make it to the queen, and even if he does, what quality about his character would make him attractive to her? In this novel, the reader meets Madagascar, the rogue elephant, along with other intriguing personalities, including Cudzu, the blind African bird with a Southern accent.