Jasper's castle & More!

Meeting Bowclasp, the champion shielder in the Land of Archellot, was my greatest moment in Jasper's Castle ; his pure intentions and rock-solid loyalty were impressive characteristics to read about. 

Valerie C.


What a name: Igposkadrool! No wonder Victoria prefers to call him Posky; I would, too. The permeating theme of exchanging power for love is so central to this novel. Posky, once the only man to hold magical powers in the kingdom, trades it to the evil Yalhril in exchange for his daughter, Shelb's hand in marriage.

Oh, but betrayal is pitilessly painful, and often times,

requires that someone pay the ultimate price for

its redemption. 

Melissa C.

Another of Jerry's novels is Jasper's Castle. This adolescent fantasy highlights three cousins, who during their fall break from school, visit their grandmother's castle in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. 

Of course, the cousins are permitted to enjoy all the castle and its unlimited adventure; the castle is 250 years old, and one basement door has been off limits for everyone for over 150 years. Needless to say, these three cousins dare each other to trek to that door. Once through it, Jasper, Wendel, and Victoria bite off more thrills than they can collectively chew.  Find Jasper's Castle today at Amazon.com.