How Did Jerry Become a Writer?

Jerry would have never dreamed he would grow up to be a novelist. He did have a vivid imagination, but didn't take to school work so much.

Later, teaching a sixth-grade language arts class, he gave an early April writing assignment. "Hey, guys, today is Monday. You will have a laptop all week. I would like for you to write the first chapter of your own novel." Jerry said his assignment was brilliant for two reasons: one, he could read emails, grade papers, and plan all week, uninterrupted; and two, there was no two. That one reason would do.

Suddenly, a little student in the back row raised his hand. "Yes, Johnny?"

"Mr. Mullinax, why don't you do it, too?" Johnny said.

"Do what?"

"Write your first us!"

As much as Jerry did not want to write all week long, he admits that Johnny's question ignited his love for writing and propelled his first manuscript entitled Jasper's Castle, which is now a novel.